Court orders former DSP GC to post a bail of 900,000: Nirmala’s rape and murder case

Kanchanpur District court, on Wednesday, has set a bail amount of Rs 900,000 for former DSP Angur GC from the CIB – one of the eight police personnel against who cases of tampering with evidence and torturing suspect Dilip Bista were filed by Nepal Police on 6 March.

GC was ordered to post two different amounts of Rs 500,000 and Rs 400,000 on charges of torturing accused Dilip Bista and tampering with evidence, respectively.

The court had started to record his statement since he surrendered before the court on Monday. After three days of hearing his statement whether to keep him in custody or to release him on bail, the court under a single bench of Judge Rajendra Kumar Acharya ordered GC to post the given amount of bail.

The team led by GC to investigate into the case had found 41 old mentally retarded Dillip Bista as the culprit to the crime. However, Bista was later released as the DNA test result of Bista did not match with the vaginal swab of the victim, late 13 year old girl Nirmala Panta.


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