Ex PM Chand falsely claims ‘scooter driver panicked’, and that he is hurt by the comments

A video published by Sanzip Lama Tamang on Facebook has gone viral through Friday evening and Saturday – in it an Armed Police Force van while crossing lanes hits a scooter. The van oblivious to the accident, carries on. The APF van was a part of the VIP procession of ex Prime Minister Lokendra Bahadur Chand.

The video gained huge attention in a short span of time – of the public, the police, and the ex-PM too.

The public, already frustrated with having to bear the brunt of these motorcades, once again took a jab at the ‘senselessness’ of the police van and the politicians. The video has public questioning about the complete and utter lack of public by the police while catering to political figures, they are questioning the position of a ‘general citizen in comparison to a politician’, and if we have moved away from ‘the authoritarian political sphere’ these same politicians were supposed to free us from.

The police have gotten hold of the APF driver. He reiterates that he was ‘unaware of the accident’, however goes on to add that because ‘the van was escorting a VIP, he would not be allowed to stop’.

The ex-PM shared his views too – he said he was unaware of the accident, he goes on to ‘falsely claim that the scooter driver panicked’, when we can actually see the van recklessly changing lanes. He goes on to say that he is ‘sad to see the comments’, but does not issue an apology on behalf of the APF van. He however says that he would be interested to meet the duo riding the scooter.

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