Police and firefighters work by the wreckage of a school bus that was transporting some 50 children after it was torched by the bus' driver, in San Donato Milanese on March 20, 2019.Flavio Lo Scalzo/AFP/Getty Images

Italian bus driver of Senegalese descent sets ablaze school bus with 51 children aboard

An Italian bus driver of Senegalese descent hijacked a bus with 51 school children and three adults and set the vehicle on fire. A huge tragedy was avoided after one of the students was able to alert his parents, who in turn informed the police. The 47 year old said he was taking revenge for the deaths of the thousands of migrants, mostly from Africa who perished while make the journey to Europe.

How the incident unfolded:

On Wednesday in Crema, Italy, 51 teenage school children and their adult supervisors were being driven from a school when the driver suddenly took a different route. He took them hostage and threatened to kill them all, at the same time ordering some to tie the hands of others. A student informed his parents, and the police were made aware of the hijack. The bus rammed into several cars before coming to a stop at a roadblock set up by police.

Once the bus stopped, the driver jumped off and set it alight, having already doused it in petrol. Police were able to smash the rear windows and get passengers off before the vehicle was engulfed in flames.

Interior ministry officials are investigating the possibility of annulling the driver’s Italian citizenship, the AFP news agency reports. A recently issued decree in Italy makes it easier to deport migrants and take away their citizenship if they commit serious crimes.

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