Tikapur incident: Alleged mastermind Resham Chaudhary given a life sentence

Resham Chaudhary, alleged mastermind behind the Tikapur Incident of August, 2015, along with 10 other co-conspirators have been ordered to serve a life sentence behind bars by Kailali District Court on Wednesday.

A single bench District Judge Parshuram Bhattarai passed the judgment after a week-long hearing. The hearing also ordered 15 people to serve a sentence of 3 years for their involvement in the incident. Three people were acquitted. An estimated 30 people are on the run.

Tikapur Incident or the Tikapur massacre is a dark day of Nepal’s modern history. In the incident, seven security personnel and a two year old infant lost their lives in a clash between Tharuhat protesters and security forces. Chaudhary was placed in the district’s ‘most wanted’ list following the incident, however went on to contest and win the 2017 elections. Upon Election Commission’s refusal to grant him his winning certificate, he surrendered himself at Kailali District Court on February 27, 2018. He was sworn in on January 3rd, 2019, and is being housed in Dillibazar jail currently.


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