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Agitating doctors rest their strike for fortnight after ‘govt guarantees’

The distraught government doctors have decided to rest their agitating strike for a fortnight as the government assured them to address most of their demands.

In an informal meeting held on Saturday among GODAN, Nepal Medical Association and the Ministry of Health and Population, they came up with the resolutions to the doctors’ demands – no agreement was signed,though.

The Ministry has assured them of creating a “float pool” for doctors who take educational leave with paid education leave and depute consultant doctors in Health facilities.

The government also agreed to allow local units and ministry to hire doctors to fulfill the vacant posts left by doctors on educational leave.

As the agreement made with two party will either be passed through Cabinet meeting or by amending Civil Service Adjustment Bill within 15 days, the doctors have also put off their protest until then.

The doctors, however, will carry on their daily duty with a black armband as a symbol of their protest.

The government doctors have staged many nationwide protests against the government demanding amendments in some provisions of Civil Service Adjustment Bill, before.


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