Gandaki Province-level media conference wraps up issuing 5-point declaration

The Gandaki Province-level Media Conference organized by the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ), Gandaki Province Committee concluded here on Saturday, issuing a five-point Pokhara Declaration.

The declaration has drawn the government’s attention to what it says the continued attacks on the freedom of the press and expression and called for an immediate halt to this.

It has also condemned the ‘arrest and intimidation of journalists that is taking place for writing news’ and called for stopping such activities forthwith. Likewise, the declaration calls for protecting the constitutionally guaranteed rights and developing media-friendly laws facilitating the exercise of freedom of the press and expression.

It also lays emphasis on strengthening the media and protecting the working journalists.

The declaration also calls on the government to implement a proportional advertisement allocation policy as well as on the media houses to enforce the Working Journalists Act.

It has also drawn the attention of the Gandaki Province Government to give high priority to issues as inclusiveness in journalism, child journalism and tourism promotion activities for the prosperity of the Gandaki Province.

The conference discussed many pertinent issues of journalism including tourism and journalism.

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