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Locals, police clash in Pathari over Bina Basnet’s murder

A tense situation has developed in Pathari, Morang district after protesting locals clashed with security forces. Two rounds of tear gas at the agitated crowd who were hurling stones at the police. Several people were injured, and two residents, Jit Bahadur Laoti and Manju Poudel of Pathari are receiving treatment at the local hospital for injuries.

Thousands of Pathari residents erupted into the streets protesting the police and local authorities’ inability to arrest the perpetrator behind Bina Basnet’s murder. Basnet, a retailer from Pathari was found murdered outside her home on Saturday morning – she was reported to have been murdered on Friday night.

Angered locals demanded a detailed investigation into the murder case, and locked down many government offices while doing so.

However, Rina Basnet’s death is only the tip of the iceberg – Pathari residents have been long worried over the increasing amount of murders in the district, and the inability of the police to make conclusive investigations. The frustration of the residents were rising for a longer period of time, Rina Basnet’s case being the last straw – angered residents flocked the streets, shut down the highway, burnt tires demanding action – the scenes turned uglier after the crowd flung stones at the police officials.

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