Two arrested for posting ‘undignified’ images of PM Oli and President Bhandari on Facebook

Two people have been arrested for posting distorted images of President Bidhya Bhandari and Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli. According to the CIB (Central Investigation Bureau), a team made the arrest after they posted ‘undignified, indecipherable images of the PM and the President with an intention to cause harm to personal image.’ The title of the Press Release, as issued by CIB translates to: “Person distorting/uploading images of honourable persons arrested”.

The two arrested are Nirmal Gaire (22) of Palpa and Yam Prasad Panthi (23) of Rupandehi. Gaire was arrested from Bhaktpur and Panthi from Chitwan. They have been booked as per Section 47 of the Electronics Transaction Act, 2063 – if found guilty, they could face a fine of NRS 1,00,000, up to 5 years imprisonment, or both.

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