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Climbing Everest: Death of 9 climbers compels authorities to consider making changes

Nepal government is going to come up with new provisions regarding pre-requisites for aspiring Everest summiteers. The decision has come after 9 mountaineers died during their Everest expedition in 2019.

Recently, Nepal had come under huge scrutiny – for issuing too many permits without proper background checks. The nine deaths, one of the highest in recent years has raised questions about the issuing of permits by Nepal government and a worldwide call to limit them. Too many passes caused a traffic jam at the Hillary Step, and a few perished because their descent was delayed due to the traffic jam.

According to Mohan Krishna Sapkota, Tourism Secretary, at a press meet held on Thursday, the government was considering two options to minimize human casualties on Everest, i.e. conducting a medical checkup of the climbers at Everest Base Camp prior to allowing them to go forward and making a mandatory advanced climbing course for climbers before joining the Everest Expedition.

Currently, to obtain a climbing permit to climb Everest, one has to only provide the health certificate.

The government had issued 381 permits this year. Nearly 600 climbers (including expedition leaders, guides and porters) summited the peak this year, said Mira Acharya, director of the Department of Tourism.


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