Everest height measurement team reaches Mt Everest’s summit

A team of Nepal government officials from the Survey Department along with Sherpa guides, who are on an Everest Height Measurement Expedition to re-measure the height of the peak, reached the top of Everest on Wednesday morning.

According to Babu Sherpa, Managing Director at Peak Promotion Pvt. limited, the team set the foot atop at 3.15am.

The team comprised of two government surveyors and three Sherpa climbers are on the way back to lower camp after collecting necessary data to measure the height, said Sherpa. The team was equipped with GNSS & GPS receivers.

The surveyors will officially release the height of the Everest after few months according to the Survey Department. It will analyse the data collected by the surveyors and calculate the actual height of the Everest.

Nepal government decided to measure the height of the peak after taking various factors into consideration including the 2015 Earthquake which might have altered the actual height of Everest.

The finding will be the official height of Everest.

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