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“Himal Pahad Terai Madhesh, Nepali Congress: Strengthening NC and raising ‘awareness of the government’s wrongdoings’

Nepali Congress, the main opposition party of Nepal, in a bid to strengthen the party has launched a nationwide campaign.

The campaign, under the name Himal Pahad Terai Madhesh, Nepali Congress will aim to increase awareness about the party, its past successes, and its future visions. According to NC’s spokesperson, it will also attempt to raise awareness about the current administration’s wrongdoings.

The campaign has been divided in 3 phases: in phase 1, key NC leaders will address various assemblies in various districts. The first phase will continue till June 8. In its second phase, from September 10 to 24, Congress will target the provincial level, and in the third phase, a public awareness campaign will run in December.

NC will also be distributing ordinary memberships during the course of the campaign.

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