Pakistan: More than 400 (many children) test HIV positive

More than 400 people in the southern part of Pakistan, many of them children, have tested HIV- Positive in recent weeks due to a doctor allegedly using a contaminated syringe. Anger and fear continue to swell in the desperately poor village hit hard by the epidemic, which authorities say could be linked to either gross negligence or malicious intent by a local pediatrician.

A surging number of patients is coming at the makeshift clinic which is beset by a lack of equipment and medical personnel to treat the increasing number of patients, said a doctor at the makeshift clinic.

Health officials are blaming the use of unsanitary equipment and rampant malpractice – often at the hand of ‘quack doctors’ for the epidemic.

“According to some government reports, around 600,000 quack doctors are operating across the country and around 270,000 are practicing in the province of Sindh,” said UNAIDS in a statement.

With about 20,000 new HIV infections reported in 2017 alone, Pakistan currently has the second-fastest growing HIV rates across Asia, according to the United Nations.

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