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Tourist arrival up in Bhaktapur

The number of visitors to Bhaktapur has increased this year, resulting in rise in revenue to the Bhaktapur municipality.

The number of tourists coming to observe the historic heritages within the municipality has increased by 34,834 in 2075 BS as compared to the previous year.

A total 219,029 tourists including 93,530 from SAARC countries and China, and 125,499 from other countries visited Bhaktapur in 2074 BS while 253,863 tourists including 115,906 from SAARC countries and China, and 137,957 tourists from other countries visited the ancient town in 2075 BS, the Bhaktapur municipality’s Tourism Information Centre stated.

In 2075 BS, the municipality collected revenue Rs 264.88 million in terms of tourist entry fees, including Rs 57.95 million from visitors from SAARC countries and China and Rs 206.93 million from tourists of other countries.

The municipality charges Rs 500 per person to tourists from SAARC countries and China, and Rs 1,500 per person to visitors from other countries as tourism fee.

It collected total revenue Rs 235.13 million from tourists in 2074 BS. This includes Rs 46. 76 million from tourists from SAARC countries and China and Rs 188. 24 million from tourists from other countries.

The highest number of tourists visiting Bhaktapur is from China, followed by India, America, France, Spain and other countries, the Center stated. The municipality has set up tourism fee collection counters at 14 various places in the municipality. Tourism revenue is the municipality’s main source of income.

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