Guthi Bill meets resistance, police fire water cannons to disperse the resisters

Demonstrators on Sunday staged a protest at Maitighar Mandala against the government’s move to enact the Guthi Bill under its authority, demanding its withdrawal which was registered in the National Assembly three weeks ago.

The protest was attended by cultural experts, historians, locals and trustees of different guthis across the nation. Meanwhile, police using water cannons retaliated the protest in order to interrupt the demonstration.

Cultural experts along with local trustees of guthis around the country said that the newly endorsed bill would allow the political leaders, bureaucrats and influential people to appoint people they desire so as to fulfill their vested interests.

The newly proposed bill will have the following major provisions:

  1. It will put an end to the long-following ritual of electing local trustees for different Guthis by appointing authority the politicians, government officials and bureaucrats wish to.
  2. It will bring all the private Guthis operating in the nation under the same authority– there are, altogether, 2,600 private Guthis across the nation.
  3. It will allow to transfer the ownership of the Guthi’s land to the individuals: according to current bill it does not provide the provision to transfer the Guthi’s land to individuals. But it allows to build the building on the premises of Guthis on the condition of paying certain amount for using the land.

According to the study, there are estimated 2,335 public Guthis across the nation under the Guthi Sansthan which owns 1.45 million ropanis of land around the country. The Sansthan provides the fund to the guthis to operate temple, pati pauwas (rest rooms), Satals, and stone spouts. Guthis generate income by leasing the vacant lands to individuals and businesspersons.




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