New objections for a ‘No Objection Letter’ – can’t get one before completing grade 12, can’t get one for ‘short’ courses

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology via a circular has said students have to complete grade 12 before going abroad to pursue higher education and that they will not be issuing a ‘No Objection Letter’ to students who wish to go abroad to pursue a short term courses such as a ‘Diploma’ or ‘English Language courses’. According to the Ministry, the decision was arrived upon after seeing the ‘plight of the students’ who pursued such courses.

A ‘No Objection Letter’ issued by the Ministry of Education is a mandatory document for students pursuing higher education abroad. A student, after choosing a course, being invited by the institution to pursue the course, applying a visa, paying the fees, obtaining a ticket has also to worry if the state is ‘willing to permit you follow the course’, and apparently, they don’t like students ‘making their own decision’ about ‘when to study’ and ‘what to study’.

The concerned government has said they will only acknowledge NOC applications from students who have completed grade 12 or equivalent (because in Nepal that is considered completion of standard schooling). Plus, the student has to be applying for a ‘recognised’ higher education course – such as a bachelor’s course.

The move is expected to mostly affect students applying for vocational courses to Australia and language courses to Japan. The ministry has also said prospective students pursuing a bachelor’s course will be provided an NOC with ease, and students who prove their intention to pursue a bachelor’s degree after their diploma as a part of their curriculum plan will be entertained.


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