Private medical colleges accept accusations of taking higher fees

Private medical colleges in Nepal, which have been accused of taking higher fees than set by the government, acknowledged taking extra fees, citing that the amount set by the government was not enough to run the medical colleges.

At a meeting between education and health sub-committee of parliament and representatives from private medical colleges on Wednesday, private medical colleges accepted the accusation and blamed the government’s fee structure for taking higher fees than allowed.

The government in 2017 had set Rs 3.85 million for students of MBBS inside the valley while Rs 4.24 million was fixed for the same course outside the valley. But according to complaints filed by the students pursuing MBBS in Gandaki Medical College with the affiliation of TU-Institute of Medicine (IOM), the college had been taking up to extra Rs 1.75 million per student.

Similarly, Nepalgunj Medical College under Kathmandu University, was also charging a fee up to Rs 4.7 million for MBBS, said Dr Suresh Kumar Kanodia, managing director of Nepalgunj Medical College.

However, Dr Dipak Shrestha, Associate Dean for affiliated programmes of the Kathmandu University, said that the university had ordered to stick with the government’s fee structure.

According to the representatives of the private medical colleges, it was not sufficient for the private medical colleges to run the colleges under the government’s fee structure, so they were compelled to hike the fee beyond the fee set by the government.

Private medical colleges, last year, held a meeting with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology regarding the hike in the fee by adjusting with inflation in the county. But the proposal was rejected by the ministry.

However, the sub-committee of parliament formed in a wake of the protest by Gandaki Medical College’s students, said that they would submit a report to the committee informing about the fee structure the private medical colleges had been following and their reason for taking the fee beyond the government’s fee structure.



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