People attend a rally in support of demonstrators protesting against the proposed extradition bill in Hong Kong [Jorge Silva/Reuters]

The people of Hong Kong win (temporarily)

After more than a week long demonstration by the people of Hong Kong against a controversial amendment to a law which critics say, would wipe out the city’s much vaunted autonomy has been suspended indefinitely, but is not yet over.

Thousands of protesters have come out to the street this afternoon demanding permanent scraping of the bill and the city’s leader’s resignation from the government for pushing ahead the bill.

The huge mass, which was initially grouped by mostly youths, has now also been joined by old age people, citing that the ‘demonstration’ is for the future of their children and grandchildren.

Many Protesters with white flowers in hand and in black clothes as a symbol of disagreement with the government’s move towards the controversial bill have expressed sympathy to a 35 year old Hong Kong man who lost his life on Saturday by falling from a building while unfurling a protest banner that read, “No Extradition to China.”

Crowds gathering at the city’s Victoria Park are also condemning police response to the protesters on Wednesday that involved of firing tear gases, rubber bullets and baton charge to the protesters.

Hong Kong was freed from the Britain colony in 1997. Since then, it has been enjoying high degree of autonomy from Beijing. This is possible because of “one country, two system’ agreement signed between the outgoing British administration and the new Chinese government.

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