119 more of such parks planned in Province 3

Nepal has been no exception to rapid urbanization – the speed at which open land is shrinking is obvious to all. Since the speeding rise in urbanization, its negative effects are also sprouting from it in significant numbers, resulting in a bereft of peaceful natural places like parks/open outdoor spaces. Lack of such places have put people to go to cafes.

Such peaceful places would even be more effective in urban cities like Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, to name few. These places becoming a perfect place for morning and evening exercise spots could also encourage people to be healthy.

Bearing the lack of such places and its importance in the nation, especially in urbanized places, state no 3 government has announced to build 119 such peace parks in the state. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law has come up with the plan to build peace parks to gradually develop tourism hotspots in each local level.

According to the ministry, the government has allocated Rs 100 million for the construction of such peace parks in the fiscal year with the mindset of completing it within 4 years. The construction will be performed in the conjunction with local level governments. Proposals would be solicited from local governments first and works would be carried forward based on the proposal within the budget ceiling, the state government further said.

The state government emphasized that the project has been initiated to reach out to grassroots people.

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