Apex court issues verdict to carry on pesticide residues test on imported agricultural products

The Supreme Court has ordered the government authorities to continue the pesticides residues test on agricultural products imported to the country from India, sticking with the previous stay order by a single bench of Justice Ananda Mohan Bhattarai issued on 10 July.

In the two days hearing conducted from 15 July with the participation of both parties the government representatives and writ petitioners, a division bench of Justices Hari Krishna Karki and Bam Kumar Shrestha announced the verdict to carry on the testing on Tuesday.

Three writ petitions representing different organization were filed at the apex court on 9 July against the government’s July-3 decision to revoke the order to mandatory test the pesticide residues on vegetable and fruits brought in Nepal from India. They had claimed in the writ that the government’s move to revoke the decision not to conduct the pesticide residue test has undermined the public right to health and pointed to pregnant women and children to be more vulnerable from consuming such products. Hence, the court had issued the stay order to the government’s decision to revoke the earlier decision on 10 July.


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