BPKIHS vice-chancellor arrested

Vice –chancellor of the BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS) Prof Dr Rajan Kumar Rauniyar and the Institute’s Dr.

Ramhari Rauniyar have been arrested on Thursday on the charge of taking a bribe of Rs 800 thousand.

A team deputed by the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA), the anti-graft body, took them under control while they were taking the bribe amount from the service-seeker.

CIAA was acting on a tip-off that the Rauniyars were asking for commission from the service-seeker for awarding contract for constructing a building of the Institute to him.

CIAA spokesman Pradip Kumar Koirala said they were arrested red-handed from the Vice-chancellors quarters in the Institute’s premises.

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