Home Minister Thapa in a pit (image slightly altered, credit: Facebook)Home Minister Thapa in a pit (image slightly altered, credit: Facebook)

‘Not the first Home Minister, not the last’

So we hear people are angry about Home Minister Thapa’s words – he said that ‘rapes in Nepal have happened yesterday, is happening as we speak, and will happen tomorrow’. Well, typing those lines boils our bloods too – but a deeper introspection makes us think – ‘why should I, or you be angry? And if we are really going to be angry, we should be at ourselves’.

Why, you ask?

Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa is the Home Minister of Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal – you read that word ‘democratic’ – that is the catch. We, the people of Nepal, elected him, and his party to power. You might shrug off, saying you didn’t vote for anyone, but see what you did? And if you shed away saying you didn’t vote for the ruling party, we tell you that the majority did – so, in essence, Nepal did. Therefore, the question that needs to be asked is ‘why did Nepal vote their way?’ With their majority, they are so emboldened, they feel they can get away by saying anything – that is our fault – Nepal’s fault – assigning so much power to a political party that it seems, we are in a worse situation than monarchy – can you see the impunity he enjoys – no apology, no regrets, nothing. It seems the king has said those words, not a democratically elected leader.

Wait, we have good news though – that same catch word – ‘democracy’.

It is time the nation reflect on their choices – is the ruling party living up to their promises? Therefore, because we are a democracy, the time to meet at the polls shall come again. Let these words he uttered be his own grave, the death of his political career – but for that, Nepal needs to be aware – what voting for a certain person/party means – does the person/party reflect your views – for example, do you wish to have a Home Minister who says he can’t protect the women here at home?

The Home Minister has handed the baton to us – the people of Nepal. It is now up to us – do we want a Home Minister who says a ‘bad luck, a girl was raped, and bad luck, more of them will be raped?’

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