NSU protest govt’s decision to halt pesticide testing for veggies, fruits imported from India

Cadres of Nepali Students Union, the umbrella wing of main opposition party Nepali Congress have come out to the street in the capital, today, protesting against the government’s recent decision to put on hold the decision to execute the pesticide testing on Nepal-Indo border areas.

The government after two week from issuing the first order to take the pesticide testing for vegetables and fruits imported from India, has recently ordered not to carry out the testing. The government on July 4 changed the previous decision of carrying out the pesticide testing for vegetables and fruits and ordered not to carry out the testing until further arrangement reportedly following enormous pressure from the Indian Embassy in Nepal, citing the provisions of the World Trade Organization and bilateral trade agreements between the two countries.

According to sources, the government’s previous decision of the pesticide testing has affected badly on Indian vegetable exports as the testing took a very long time. Thus, Indian vehicles importing such items had to stand in a queue for long time.

According to the Department of Customs, vegetables worth Rs 26.46 billion and fruits worth Rs. 17.03 billion have been imported in the country in the 11 months of the current fiscal year.

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