The Maduro family is not someone Nepal should be associating with

Maduro’s son and team are in Nepal – strengthening and bonding with top leaders of the ruling party.  However Maduro and family is not someone Nepal’s people should want Nepal to associate with.

  1. Maduro is corrupt:

Maduro’s administration is sole-handedly responsible for the situation millions of Venezuelans are in – the country clamped by severe US led international sanctions is on the brink of bankruptcy, its economy inflated, its government corrupted, while the public suffer from a crippling shortage of basic necessities such as food, shelter, and medicinal supplies.

  1. Maduro is anti-democratic:

His administration has proved ‘anti-democratic’ in practice, jailing its critics and political opponents. The public’s voice has gone unheard several times– despite huge protests against Maduro’s regime post election results in January, 2019, Maduro is unwilling to relent.

  1. The family is pseudo-communist

As much as the family says they believe in the ‘spirit of communism’ – one look at the lifestyles and the disparity between the haves (Maduros and government officials) and have-nots (Venezuelan public) is apparent. A 2016, a news report said that Maduro and family spend 1.8million dollars a day on food, clothing, and travel expenses. The figure comes from the Venezuelan government’s 2014 budget, which was obtained by a group called Traparencia de Venezuela.

Any association with Maduro and family is Nepal showing solidarity to the Maduro administration – and there are two scenarios here:

1.  Our leaders are sympathising with the Maduro regime despite knowing the atrocities they conduct at home, or,
2. Our leaders don’t know what Maduro truly represents.

Them, celebrating/bonding instead of holding them accountable for the plight of millions of suffering Venezuelans makes us wary if senior Maoist leaders know what Maduro symbolises in the international community?  What’s more worrisome is if they are building a relationship with him despite knowing these facts:

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