Who keeps the city running? Traffic Police (A Photo Feature)

Traffic Police – what would our city be without them huh? Already a melting point of cars, bikes, buses, and vans alike – there would be no reaching anywhere on time. If we really think about it, they do have one of the toughest jobs – some days it is sunny, some days cold, some days dusty, and some days, it rains. Nevertheless, they carry on; they have to – a city’s movement rests on their shoulders.

Rain has been pouring cats and dogs since the past few days – already our social media feed is submerged with reports of flooding, landslides, and other rain-related disasters. In Kathmandu too, river levels are rising, low lying areas are being inundated, unpaved roads are eroding, and flooding proving imminent. For many, traffic problems could be secondary, and if not for these brave men/women in orange, the city would definitely have come to a stand-still by now.

Watch them in action here:

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