Apparently visa reviews are possible – Sandeep Lamichhane granted a US visa

Early morning today, national cricketer, Sandeep Lamichhane walked into the US Embassy in Maharajgunj – deep within he knew his visa application should not be denied. Yet, somehow it did.

Shocked, he came out, took to his 155.9K followers on Twitter, even calling out the Foreign Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, US Embassy, US Ambassador to Nepal, and Hello Sarkar by their handles, alerting them of the situation. The media picked up the story in an instant.

In the afternoon, Sandeep gets called in for a review – he goes back to the embassy. Within an hour, he is heard thanking US Embassy Nepal for their kind cooperation. He also thanks the names he had called earlier.

Seems like getting a visa review for the United States is possible – provided you enjoy a considerable amount of influence – social and political. For common citizens, they have to re-apply for the same visa – pay the fees again, and then sit through another interview.

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