Image: An image of Ranipauwa with the Himalayas in the background.Image: An image of Ranipauwa with the Himalayas in the background.

Muktinath Temple premises to be bettered – disability access a priority

Gandaki Pradesh (Pradesh no. 4) has said it will work towards building ‘visitor-friendly infrastructure’ in the Jomsom Mukti area of Mustang District.

Muktinath Temple, which is visited by hundreds of thousands of pilgrims and tourists alike will be bettered to accomodate the needs of the travellers. The state has said it will make the road from Rani Pauwa to Muktinath Temple, disabled friendly.

Many pilgrims visiting the temple are elderly and aged – it is difficult for them to climb up the stairs leading up to the temple, therefore, disability friendly provisions would definitely make the pilgrim’s journey easier. A feasibility study will be soon carried out. Likewise, a changing room as well as a building to store pooja materials will be constructed in Kaagbeni for people coming for religious functions including tarpan and shradha at Kaagbeni.

The board has also decided to promote the historical Yartung festival and other tourist attractions in the area. The festival, a major cultural observance of the local people is a festival which celebrates the ‘end of summer’. The festival is witness to horse races, drinking, dancing, and other forms of merry-making.

Along with the festival, the Dhumba lake, historical Thini village and the homestay in Dharapjhong will be promoted, Thapaliya said.

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