An image of the Thuli Bheri near Aath BiskotAn image of the Thuli Bheri near Aath Biskot

Rukum: Thuli Bheri changes course, sweeps six homes

Six houses were swept away in Mankabagar, Aathbiskot Municipality 6 of Rukum District after a swollen Thuli Bheri River altered its course towards the residential area. Another reason for the river to change its course is attributed towards the fallen debris during the construction of the Jajarkot-Dolpa road construction has fallen into the water.

No lives were lost Рthanks to well-preparedness. The local people in assistance of the police had vacated their homes after assessing the potential risk. Ward chair Dil Bahadur Sarki stated the step prevented loss of lives. He also said that more than a dozen houses were at the risk of flood.

Vacating those houses, the villagers have been shifted to an upper village. Families who have lost their homes are taking shelter in their relatives’ homes. Some villagers who have their farms in the upper village are staying there for the time being as stated by the Ward chair.

Earlier, three houses of the same village were also swept away – taking the total number of houses lost to 9. The village is still under the risk of flooding, as the river level has increased tremendously.


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