Hong Kong's Chief Executive Carrie Lam attends a news conference in Hong Kong, China September 17, 2019. REUTERS/Jorge Silva

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam to hold dialogue with community to ease ongoing tensions

Hong Kong’s chief executive Carrie Lam said on Tuesday that she and her team would hold dialogue sessions with the community next week, aiming to ease the months-long protests of sometimes violent, sprung from a contradictory Extradition bill. She also spoke of the negative effects of the protests in the city’s economy.

Talking to reporters, she informed that the dialogue would be as open as possible and include members of the pubic being able to sign up to attend.

“Hong Kong society has really accumulated a lot of deep rooted economic, social and even political issues, I hope these different forms of dialogue can provide a platform for us to discuss,” Lam told reporters at a weekly briefing.

Issues like housing and shortage of land in the city where young people are frustrated by the high cost of finding a place of their own to live would be incorporated into the dialogue, said Lam.

Hong Kong has been witnessing many protests for about four months, including two of the largest mass demonstrations in a decade in the city over the Extradition bill – the bill which would have allowed people to be sent to the mainland China to face trials.

A former British colony, Hong Kong, was returned to the country in 1997 under the agreement of “one country, two systems’ giving the region a special status otherwise not accorded to the citizens of mainland China.

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