A demonstrator is detained by police officers during a protest in Hong Kong, China August 31, 2019. REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach

Hong Kong protests turn violent as police and protesters clash, more protests planned

Hong Kong police on Saturday used tear gases, rubber bullets and water cannons to disperse pro-democracy protesters in the city as ten thousands of protesters gathered in the city in spite of a ban and responded with petrol bombs and bricks dug up from pavements. The government had earlier banned the public from taking out any marches on Saturday. However, protesters came out to the streets to mark the fifth anniversary of a decision made by China against democratic election, defying the ban.

Protesters in black t-shirts chanting: “Stand with Hong Kong” and “Fight for freedom” took out to the streets of the Wan Chai district. Riot police fired round of tear gases and blue-dyed water to disperse the crowd – the blue-dyed water was used as police tactic to identify the protesters.

The protesters lit fires and attacked the city’s Parliament building. Many protesters carried umbrellas and face masks. Later, at night 40 people were detained by police at Prince Edward station, said Senior Superintendent Yolanda Yu.

In a video broadcast by Hong Kong broadcaster TVB that a clash between protesters and a member of public occurred and following the clash, police stormed to the station and baton charged passengers and pepper-sprayed passengers. People are calling out this action, claiming it to be brutality of Hong Kong Police.

Saturday’s protests were believed to be without any leaders as on Friday several key pro-democracy activists and lawmakers in China’s special administrative region were arrested.

Hong Kong Police were also reported to fire two live fires which Yolanda confirmed in a press meet in the early Sunday.

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