Secondary school students hold hands as they form a human chain as they demonstrate against what they say is police brutality against protesters, after clashes at Wan Chai district, in Hong Kong, China September 9, 2019. REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh

Hong Kong school students form human chain to express solidarity with protesters

Hundreds of uniformed school students on Monday took to the streets, forming a human chain as a gesture of support towards anti-government protesters in Hong Kong after another weekend of unrest and clashes.

Rows of students and alumni joined hands and formed human chain, chanting “Hong Kong people, add oil” – a phrase which has become a rallying cry for the encouragement for the protest movement on early Monday.

The come-out of school students is an example of how deep rooted the ongoing protest in the city is, said Alan Leong, an alumnus of Wah Yan College in the city’s Kowloon district.

“The school-based human chain is the strongest showcase of how this protest is deep rooted in society, so deep rooted that it enters through the school students,” said he.

Hong police continued to fire tear gases at the demonstrators on Saturday as police blocked protesters from accessing to the airport.

Following the months long protests in the former British colony city, it is also facing a recession, owing to declining number of tourists.

Protesters on Sunday staged a demonstration at the U.S. consulate demanding help in bringing democracy to the city.

The Hong Kong government, however, requested foreign forces not to interfere in the city’s internal affairs.

Hong Kong people have been protesting against an extradition bill since June. Hong Kong last week agreed to permanently scrap the bill last week. However, demonstrators are forwarding five demands – one of the demands is the withdrawal of the bill – and demanding an independent investigation into police brutality towards protesters.

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