Carrie Lam making her speech in a pre-recorded message. Photo: GovHK.

Hong Kong withdraws Extradition Bill from legislature

Hong Kong government has announced to withdraw the contradictory extradition bill from the legislature as a concession to end the months-long chaos in the city.

Appearing on television on Wednesday which was pre-recorded, Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam said that the bill would be formally withdrawn “in order to fully allay public concerns.”

Furthermore, she has proposed three other measures: adding two new members to the police watchdog group, promising more community-level dialogue, and inviting professionals and academics to conduct studies.

However, her response was met with criticism, saying the response unacceptable.

The convenor of the pro-democracy camp Claudia Mo said, “This is too little, too late. The die is cast.”

Protesters have demanded a permanent scrape of the bill, a fully independent probe into police brutality, amnesty for those arrested, universal suffrage and a halt to the characterization of protests as “riots.”

The extradition bill which would have allowed the extradition of criminals to the mainland China, which believed to undermine human rights and have a right of arbitrary arrest, for trials, has affected Hong Kong people’s life, including commercial and business environment and airports.

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