About Us

Aawaaj: To give, and be the voice.

The name Aawaaj is chosen because of its meaning – ‘voice’, and that is exactly what we intend to give, or be.

Aawaaj News is an independent news portal, an attempt to cover news free of political bias, and objectively for the masses. While one of our objective remains to deliver news, our mission is different than a regular news website. We, with time, wish to cover untold stories – stories neglected by the mainstream media houses.

The media is a powerful tool and with the right use has made many a positive changes. In Nepal, there are many stories which go unheard, many a stories are not seen from other perspectives, and we wish to change that. Albeit, one story at a time, Aawaaj Media shall cover unique stories of Nepal, provide vantage points previously ‘unthought-of’. It shall look for stories deep within the Terai and Mountains of Nepal, and it shall make a change.

We envision a dynamic public sphere – a public space where opposing political opinions are shared without hatred, where one is more rationale than let emotions cloud their judgment between right and wrong, where one is aware – of ‘the other’ (story, opinion, belief, life). Our commitment is to the public – we wish to make our audience critical consumers of information.

If you feel you have a story to write/share, you are more than welcome to be a part of our team.

Thank you,
Team Aawaaj.

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