An image of Ram Manohar Yadav along with images of his supporters and his funeral procession.

Ram Manohar Yadav: A funeral amidst tensions

Tensions flared in Banke and surrounding districts yesterday as thousands of his and the ‘Free Madhesh’ supporters poured into Banke to pay their last respects to Ram Manohar Yadav. Ram Manohar Yadav,... Read more »
A view of Earth's atmosphere from space. Credits: NASA

The ozone layer is recovering

Do you remember reading about CFC (chlorofluorocarbons) and  other harmful chemicals burning a hole in our ozone layer? Well, good news. Due to a globally united collective action, the 1987 Montreal Protocol,... Read more »
Ayush Karki, Market Development Manager for Tootle

Tootle helps People

You must have heard of the Metropolitan Traffic Police Department’s (MTPD) crackdown on ride-sharing platforms such as Tootle or Pathao. One Tootle rider and four Pathao riders were booked until yesterday. Social... Read more »

‘Humanitarian Crisis’ at the U.S. Southern Border?

The standoff between the Democrats and the Republicans is at an all time peak as the longest U.S. government shutdown continues. President Trump is unrelenting, and both parties are blaming the other... Read more »
62 year old Paul McCarthy with children in Nepal. (Facebook)

Canadian volunteer in Nepal arrested for ‘child pornography’

A Canadian man, a donor to an NGO dedicated to protecting children, an active volunteer for the organisation has been picked up by Canadian border police for ‘possession of child pornography and... Read more »
Rashida Tlaib (Twitter)

Rashida Tlaib refers to Trump as a ‘motherfucker’

Editorial: A video of newly elected Democrat congresswoman calling for Trump’s impeachment and referring to the sitting President as a ‘motherfucker’ is going viral – and has sparked some serious debate about... Read more »
L: Bamjan meditating, R: copy of the memorandum

Bamjan supporters request government to protect their god

As police probe deeper into the alleged reports of four people missing from Bamjan’s (self proclaimed Buddha) ashram, and top media outlets continue to update on the case, supporters of Bamjan have... Read more »
A YouTube screen grab of Ram Bahadur Banjan

Bamjan and his ashram in another controversy over missing people

Four families alleging their relatives went missing from Ram Bahadur Bamjan’s ashram in Bara and Sindhupalchowk have yet again caught up the 28 year old self-proclaimed ‘living Buddha’ in another controversy. The... Read more »

151 days since justice has been delayed

Sunday, the 23rd of December marked 150 days since the death after rape of a 13 year old girl in Kanchanpur District, Nepal. The 150 days have been a witness to a... Read more »
Left: US Capitol, Right: A prototype of the wall.

US Government shuts down over border wall dispute

The U.S. government reached a budget impasse and have caused another government shutdown, the second of 2018. The shutdown was reached after President Trump refused to agree to a short-term funding deal... Read more »