‘Nepal insults India’, claim Indian Media

Although not officially stated, ‘Nepal’s last minute decision to withdraw from the joint military exercise in Pune, India has irked New Delhi’, claim Indian media. Nepal government has denied the accusation, according... Read more »

Government considering taxing ‘social media’

The government is contemplating and looking for ways to tax ‘social media’ – like many other things, they remain largely unsure on how to proceed. What they are sure of is: Large... Read more »

Will ‘Nepal Communist Party’ allow Dr. K.C. to die?

Editorial: The Medical Ordinance Bill is on ‘high-priority’ at the House of Representatives (HoR) today, which kind of means a decision on Dr. KC’s ‘fast unto death unless demands are met’ is... Read more »

Iran Deal: What is it, and why won’t Trump sign it?

The May 12 deadline for Trump to sign the ‘secondary waivers’ of the Iran Deal is fast approaching. Trump has been calling the ‘Iran Deal’ a huge failure and that Iran has... Read more »