Rafting halted in Kaligandaki with the start of monsoon

Rafting in the Kaligandaki river has been halted with the increase in water level in the river after the onset of the monsoon. Rafting is generally operated in the Kaligandaki river especially... Read more »

Rapist gets six years prison sentence

The Saptari District Court has sentenced 18-year-old Ghuran Kumar Yadav of Manraja, Bode Barsain municipality-7, to six years imprisonment convicting him in a rape case. A single bench of District Judge Nanda... Read more »

BPKIHS MD/MS quota controversy

BP Koirala Institute of Health and Science (BPKIHS) has recently been dragged into controversy after students and teachers of BPKIHS protested against its quota system to foreign students under MD/MS programs. They... Read more »

Infrastructure development gains pace for tourism promotion

Tourism related infrastructure development has taken pace in different areas of the district for the protection and promotion of touristic religious sites. Mahesh Kumai, chief, Division Forest Office, Jajarkot, shared that construction... Read more »

Government permanently withdraws Guthi bill

The government has officially canceled the controversial Guthi bill, ending the month-long widespread protests and criticism against the government’s move to amend/regulate such socio-economic organisations across the nation. In the Upper house... Read more »

Taskforce formed to facilitate Melamchi project works

Local contractors have agreed to allow the contract winning company to work in Melamchi drinking water project on two conditions. An agreement to this effect was reached in a meeting of stakeholders... Read more »

Mexico says it has deployed 15,000 forces in the north to halt U.S.-bound migration

Mexico has deployed almost 15,000 soldiers and National Guard in the north of the country to stem the flow of illegal immigration across the border into the United States, the head of... Read more »

Nepal deports US citizen of Tibetan origin after China labels him Dalai Lama’s agent

China First – Immigration officers on Saturday refused to allow Penpa Tsering enter the country despite him holding a valid visa to Nepal – Mr.Tsering is 53 years old, he is a... Read more »

You fight, we suffer.

For most of those who grew up during the People’s Movement in Nepal, a thought worries them – are we going to see another civil war? While seeing another civil war is... Read more »

Motihari-Amlekhgunj pipeline: Test successful, fuel transport expected to begin from July

A joint team of technicians from Nepal and India carried out a test operation by sending water through the Motihari-Amlekhgunj pipeline. After a successful operation, both nations are hopeful the pipeline will... Read more »