Protesters gather in Chitwan. Image: Chyangba Gurung/Facebook

Bharatpur town area declared ‘prohibited zone’

District Administration Office of Chitwan District has declared Bharatpur town area a prohibited zone. Police will be monitoring the city, and not allow large groups to either gather, or hold demonstrations. The... Read more »

What you can do? Support Rabi Lamichhane. What you should not? Disrespect the dead.

The public sentiment for Rabi Lamichhane is high – at such times, when availability of information is abundant, it makes it all the more important to assess information critically. When expressing support... Read more »
An artist's rendition of Rani Pokhari in 1845.

Sometimes you have to fall twice to be rebuilt right

Once upon a time lived a prince far away, a certain Prince Waldermar of Prussia. He travelled far, he travelled wide;¬†arrived in Nepal in 1845. With him accompanied an artist who would... Read more »

‘Out with the illegal hoarding boards’ – again.

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has said they will initiate a drive to remove illegal hoarding boards in the valley from next month – the city’s fourth such campaign in the past 5 years.... Read more »
Pro-Hong Kong and pro- China protesters clash in Melbourne on Friday.

Hong Kong Protests spill over to Australia and Canada; clashes reported in Melbourne and Toronto

As hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong people continue their resistance at home – several hundreds Hong Kong supporters have taken the protests in other cities too. In response, just like Newton’s... Read more »

Rabi Lamichhane supporters should worry about fixing the ‘system’

Yesterday, Chitwan District Court ordered popular TV journalist Rabi Lamichhane and other accused friends to be kept in custody for five days. As per the law, he can be kept up to... Read more »
An image of the Thuli Bheri near Aath Biskot

Rukum: Thuli Bheri changes course, sweeps six homes

Six houses were swept away in Mankabagar, Aathbiskot Municipality 6 of Rukum District after a swollen Thuli Bheri River altered its course towards the residential area. Another reason for the river to... Read more »
A few glimpses from Gai Jatra in 2018. (Image: Bijay Subedi)

Gai Jatra today

Today is Gai Jatra – a Newar festival celebrated predominantly in Kathmandu Valley, however not limited to it. Various other villages and towns which have a Newar community take out processions on... Read more »
Image: Associated Press

Philadelphia: Gunman injures six police officers in five hour plus standoff

At least one gunman opened fire on police Wednesday as they were serving a drug warrant in Philadelphia, wounding six officers and triggering a standoff that extended into the night, authorities said.... Read more »
Left: A Chinese military convoy moves towards HK border (Screengrab); Right: A pro-democracy protester waves a US national flag in Tsim Sha Tsui district | AFP

Chinese Tanks & American Flags

The world is watching Hong Kong – what had started as a protest against one particular bill has now widened to highlight several other grievances – the autonomy of the people of... Read more »