Left: Romeo, Right: Juliet

There’s still hope: Researchers find mate for world’s loneliest frog

Who says ‘dating apps’ don’t work? Remember last year when the world found out about Romeo, a Sehuencas water frog in Bolivia and his lonely life? Romeo, a ‘family-less’ Sehuencas water frog... Read more »

A mission to mine the Moon could be underway as early as 2025

The European Space Agency plans to start mining for water and oxygen on the moon by 2025. The agency announced Monday it has signed a 1-year contract with European aerospace company ArianeGroup... Read more »

‘Hippo-shaped’ asteroid to fly close to Earth

An asteroid’s close approach to Earth this Christmas has revealed it to be similar in shape to a “hippopotamus wading in a river”, according to NASA. The object, called 2003 SD220, is... Read more »

Canned air to tackle Delhi’s worsening air pollution

That time of the year is coming – when Delhi will be blanketed with a smog. This year, we believe entrepreneurs are being prepared to capitalise upon it, and why not. While... Read more »

NASA’s spacecraft successfully lands on Mars and sends back a picture of itself

The spacecraft took the snap of the Red planet using a camera fixed on its robotic arm. The rocky surface of Mars can be clearly seen with the Insight rover in the... Read more »

A new era of measurement-Kilogram set to be redefined

Scientists from around the world are gathering in France today to decide the fate of the kilogram. For nearly 130 years, the kilogram has been based on a lump of metal called... Read more »

UFO spotted by multiple pilots prompts investigation

The Irish Aviation Authority is investigating reports of bright lights and UFOs off the south-west coast of Ireland. It began at 06:47 local time on Friday 9 November when a British Airways... Read more »

Sajha Yatayat launch electric buses in Valley

Sajha Yatayat, a cooperative public transport organisation amidst a function unveiled the first ‘electric bus’ of Nepal. The buses have been introduced by Sajha Yatayat to curb the problem of growing air... Read more »

Parker Solar Probe: NASA is off to the Sun

NASA is off – to the sun, for 7 years, to touch it, to orbit it for 24 times. The Parker Solar Probe lifted off from Space Launch Complex 37 at Cape... Read more »

Astronauts from International Space Station share images of ‘California Wildfires’

Crew from the International Space Station have shared some incredible images of the ravaging California Wildfires from space. Thick layers of smoke can be seen billowing from the earth’s surface, and offers... Read more »