Astronauts from International Space Station share images of ‘California Wildfires’

Crew from the International Space Station have shared some incredible images of the ravaging California Wildfires from space. Thick layers of smoke can be seen billowing from the earth’s surface, and offers... Read more »

Google confirmed that private mails can sometimes be read by human third parties

Google has confirmed that private emails sent and received by Gmail users can sometimes be read by third-party app developers, not just machines. People who have connected third-party apps to their accounts... Read more »

South Africa kidnappers demand ranson in Bitcoin

(Reuters) A criminal gang in South Africa who kidnapped a teenage boy on Sunday are demanding a ransom in bitcoin cryptocurrency of nearly $120,000, police said. Katlego Marite, 13, was dragged into... Read more »

Tesla Model X tows a 130 ton Qantas Dreamliner (With Video)

Tesla has established a new Guinness World Record – ‘Heaviest tow by an electric passenger vehicle’. The record was set at a remote taxiway at Melbourne Airport, wherein, a Tesla Model X... Read more »

YouTube Music to come out on May 22

YouTube has announced that it will launch YouTube Music on May 22. YouTube Music comes with extra features like personalized playlists based on individual’s YouTube history and other usage patterns. The video... Read more »

Nasa will send helicopter to Mars

Nasa is sending a helicopter to Mars, in the first test of a heavier-than-air aircraft on another planet.   The Mars Helicopter will be bundled with the US space agency’s Mars rover... Read more »

Sophia in Nepal

(21/03/2018) UNDP has brought the world’s most advanced social humanoid robot to Nepal – as a keynote speaker. Sophia addressed a large group of audience and emphasized on the importance of technology... Read more »

Sudan, the last male northern white rhino is no more

With the passing of Sudan, the last male white northern white rhino, the extinction of northern white rhino seems drawing close. There are only two female northern white rhinos left in this... Read more »