Hong Kong Protest: Police break through and make several arrests

Hong Kong Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets this afternoon in an attempt to detain and force back those protesters cornered inside the Polytechnic University campus after a chaotic night. Police... Read more »

HK Protest: Another man dies within less than a week of second death

A 70-year-old man died on Thursday after being hit by ‘hard objects’ thrown between government supporters and protesters during the anti-government demonstration in Hong Kong, officials said. The latest death comes after... Read more »

Hong Kong police shoot protester in city’s latest violence

A protester was shot and wounded in Hong Kong on Monday as the police opened fire, witness and media said, after another weekend of sometime violent unrest in the Chinese-ruled city. Police... Read more »

Cyclone Bulbul wreaks havoc in Bangladesh and India

Over two million people in India and Bangladesh have been evacuated as Cyclone Bulbul hits the Bay of Bengal. The storm made landfall at midnight local time on Saturday, near the Sagar... Read more »

The first death of Hong Kong Student likely to intensify unrest in Hong Kong

The death of a 22 year old Hong Kong student who was injured after falling from the third floor of the car parking early on Monday during police dispersion operation, is likely... Read more »

Hong Kong students graduate wearing masks

Following at least 22 weeks of sometime violent unrest in the Chinese-ruled city Hong Kong, more than 1,000 students attended their graduation ceremony at the Chinese University of Hong Kong on Thursday,... Read more »

China imposes gaming curfew for those below 18

China has announced to impose a curfew on online gaming, targeting the minors from spending too much time playing games after online gaming garnered criticism from people regarding its effects on children’s... Read more »

Gunmen kill nine in Mexican Ambush

Nine women and children have been killed in the bloodiest attack on Americans in Mexico by gunmen who were believed to be drug cartel. They were killed on Monday daytime at the... Read more »

Vietnam arrests eight more in connection with British deaths

Vietnamese Police have taken eight people in custody for their alleged connection with the death of 39 people – eight women and 31 men (all believed to be Vietnamese), in a refrigerated... Read more »

Hong Kong: Protesters plan for more protests; two critically injured after weekend clashes

Two men are reported to be in a critical condition on Monday after another weekend of unrest and clashes between riot police and anti-government protesters in Hong Kong. Riot police stormed shopping... Read more »