Pro-Hong Kong and pro- China protesters clash in Melbourne on Friday.

Hong Kong Protests spill over to Australia and Canada; clashes reported in Melbourne and Toronto

As hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong people continue their resistance at home – several hundreds Hong Kong supporters have taken the protests in other cities too. In response, just like Newton’s... Read more »
Image: Associated Press

Philadelphia: Gunman injures six police officers in five hour plus standoff

At least one gunman opened fire on police Wednesday as they were serving a drug warrant in Philadelphia, wounding six officers and triggering a standoff that extended into the night, authorities said.... Read more »
Left: A Chinese military convoy moves towards HK border (Screengrab); Right: A pro-democracy protester waves a US national flag in Tsim Sha Tsui district | AFP

Chinese Tanks & American Flags

The world is watching Hong Kong – what had started as a protest against one particular bill has now widened to highlight several other grievances – the autonomy of the people of... Read more »

China: Typhoon Lekima claims 44 lives; India: Unrelenting monsoons claim 147

Typhoon Lekima:  The death toll from typhoon Lekima in eastern China rose to 44 people on Monday morning, according to official data, as the storm continued up the coast, racking up billions... Read more »

Protestors defy crackdown in Moscow’s biggest protest for years

Tens of Thousands of protestors in Russia took to the streets of Moscow on Saturday, disobeying a crackdown to demand for free election to Moscow’s City Legislature. According to The White monitoring... Read more »

US calls China ‘thuggish regime’ for disclosing US diplomat’s personal detail

A US State Department spokeswoman has labelled China a ‘thuggish nation’ for publishing a secret photo of a US diplomat having a talk with student leaders of Honk Kong’s Pro-democracy movement, including... Read more »
Indian security personnel stand guard along a deserted street during restrictions in Jammu, August 7, 2019. REUTERS/Mukesh Gupta

India-Pakistan tension escalate over Kashmir issue

Already flaring tensions between India and Pakistan have escalated since Indian government scrapped Section 370 – a special status accorded to the state which allowed a separate constitution, a state flag and... Read more »
Riot police clash with pro-democracy protesters on August 5 on the streets of Hong Kong (Image: Issac Lawrence/AFP)

Hong Kong: Police battle protesters as strike paralyses Hong Kong

What started several months ago as demonstrations over an extradition bill that would have let people be sent to mainland China for trial have grown into a much broader backlash against the... Read more »

Indian government scrapes article 370 from Indian constitution, snatching state’s autonomous power

Indian government has scrapped off article 370 of the Indian constitution. The article provided a special autonomous power to the people of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The scrapping was proposed... Read more »
Mourners take part in a vigil near the border fence between Mexico and the U.S. (Image: Jose Luis Gonzalez/Reuters)

‘Taking a bullet to save your loved one’ – literally

It was a normal Saturday for husband Juan de Dios Velazquez (77) and wife Estela Nicolasa (65) – they were about to enter a Walmart store to buy their groceries when shots... Read more »