Trump angers French over misrepresentation of November 2015 Paris Attacks

In an N.R.A convention in Dallas Trump suggested that arming the French could have saved a lot of lives during the November 2015 Paris Attacks. In exact words of his, “Paris, France,... Read more »

Rohingya Crisis: Elephants destroy homes, kill 12 Rohingyas

An estimated 700,000 Rohingya people have fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh to avoid religious persecution. Their settlement in Bangladesh is one of the world’s biggest refugee camp. A few days ago, there... Read more »

Dust, Storm, and Rain wreaks havoc in North India

A powerful dust storm in Rajasthan, thunderstorm in Uttar Pradesh, and heavy rainfall in Uttarakhand has wreaked havoc in the northern states of India. 42 people have died in UP, 27 in... Read more »

Mike Pompeo sworn in as 70th Secretary of State

Mike Pompeo has been sworn as the 70th Secretary of State at a ceremony in the White House. He is a former CIA Director and is replacing Rex Tillerson. Tillerson was fired... Read more »

Kanye West suggests African-American slavery was ‘a choice’

US rapper Kanye West has said the enslavement of African Americans over centuries may have been a “choice”. “When you hear about slavery for 400 years … for 400 years? That sounds... Read more »

French president Macron thanks Australian PM Turnbull’s “Delicious wife”

French President Macron today in a televised address thanked PM Turnbull and his ‘delicious’ wife. Ah! The problems with English. He otherwise speaks very well, and today too, did not mean ill.... Read more »

Adult film actress Stormy Daniels was threatened to keep quiet about an alleged sexual encounter with Donald Trump

Stormy Daniels¬†allegedly said “leave Trump alone”, then looked at her young daughter and added: “It’d be a shame if something happened to her mom.” Mr Trump strongly denies having had an affair... Read more »

Children missing in deadly Russian mall blaze

At least 37 people are confirmed to have died in a fire that tore through a shopping centre in the Siberian coal-mining city of Kemerovo. At least 64 people are missing, including... Read more »

Sophia is now an honorary citizen of the Kingdom of Shambala

Sophia, a social humanoid robot (perhaps the most advanced robot the world has witnessed) has been awarded an honorary citizenship of the Kingdom of Shambala following her visit to Kathmandu. She was... Read more »

Sudan, the last male northern white rhino is no more

With the passing of Sudan, the last male white northern white rhino, the extinction of northern white rhino seems drawing close. There are only two female northern white rhinos left in this... Read more »