Sophia is now an honorary citizen of the Kingdom of Shambala

Sophia, a social humanoid robot (perhaps the most advanced robot the world has witnessed) has been awarded an honorary citizenship of the Kingdom of Shambala following her visit to Kathmandu. She was... Read more »

Sudan, the last male northern white rhino is no more

With the passing of Sudan, the last male white northern white rhino, the extinction of northern white rhino seems drawing close. There are only two female northern white rhinos left in this... Read more »

Snapchat $800 million dollars poorer after domestic violence ad backlash

18/03/2018 Somehow (as per Snapchat – an error in review and approval) an ad promoting domestic violence made its way to the social media – ‘no looking back since’. The ad (as... Read more »

Banksy in NY (for the freedom of Zehra Dogan)

(17-03-2018) An artwork by Bansky has been unveiled in New York which draws attention towards the imprisonment of Kurdish artist in Turkey Zehra Dogan. Dogan was arrested and sentenced for 2 years... Read more »