An artist's rendition of Rani Pokhari in 1845.

Sometimes you have to fall twice to be rebuilt right

Once upon a time lived a prince far away, a certain Prince Waldermar of Prussia. He travelled far, he travelled wide;¬†arrived in Nepal in 1845. With him accompanied an artist who would... Read more »
An image of the Thuli Bheri near Aath Biskot

Rukum: Thuli Bheri changes course, sweeps six homes

Six houses were swept away in Mankabagar, Aathbiskot Municipality 6 of Rukum District after a swollen Thuli Bheri River altered its course towards the residential area. Another reason for the river to... Read more »
Left: A Chinese military convoy moves towards HK border (Screengrab); Right: A pro-democracy protester waves a US national flag in Tsim Sha Tsui district | AFP

Chinese Tanks & American Flags

The world is watching Hong Kong – what had started as a protest against one particular bill has now widened to highlight several other grievances – the autonomy of the people of... Read more »
Image: Google Maps

Two Nepalis, both friends, one dead, one jailed

Vishal and Virendra, both from Nepal, had migrated to New Delhi to better their economic conditions. Vishal used to work in an eatery and Virendra used to wash cars. They used to... Read more »

‘Do not try to bribe us’ – Nepal Police

Inspector General of Police, Sarbendra Khanal, last week announced Nepal Police’s intention towards becoming a model organisation.¬†He elaborated on his department’s efforts towards maintaining peace, controlling crime and conducting a fair investigation... Read more »
Background Image: Anzaan KC

Subisu works towards ‘service restoration’ – some users sympathise, some call it ‘karma’

Yesterday’s fire at Subisu’s Baluwatar office caused some serious damage – the premises was their central server and Earth centre, therefore service disruptions was natural. After the fire was doused, and Subisu... Read more »

A new mother died in Nuwakot because the ‘district is accessible’ to Kathmandu

Nepal has continuously iterated that it does not want new mothers to die, and worked towards it too. Yet, somehow they fall short, and the inevitable happens. Frustratingly, in most cases, the... Read more »
Home Minister Thapa in a pit (image slightly altered, credit: Facebook)

‘Not the first Home Minister, not the last’

So we hear people are angry about Home Minister Thapa’s words – he said that ‘rapes in Nepal have happened yesterday, is happening as we speak, and will happen tomorrow’. Well, typing... Read more »

50 years ago, on this day, the first humans landed on the Moon

On July 20, 1969, the Apollo 11’s Lunar Module landed on the moon – in the spaceflight were two humans – Commander Neil Armstrong and lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin, both Americans.... Read more »
A Facebook image of the under construction ship.

Come Dashain 2076, you can cruise along the Narayani River on this ship

A cruise ship is under construction at Narayani Zone – if things go as planned, the ship will be ready to sail by Dashain 2076. The cruise which is aiming to be... Read more »