Is Law Minister Tamang resigning, or not? Leading media outlets differ.

Look at the image above. Quite contrasting, ehh? Readers are confused as two leading media outlets publish articles in contrast to each other. The Kathmandu Post, one of Nepal’s oldest and largest... Read more »

‘Reviving KORA’: A play was cancelled, and that threatens Nepal’s democracy

The Constitution of Nepal guarantees a citizen’s ‘Freedom of Expression’ – be it in the form of an dialogue, opinion, or a play. Like every contract, it has a few asterisks (terms... Read more »

‘Sidha Prashna’ cancelled days after Thapa angered Minister Baskota on the show

Nepal’s newly appointed Communication and Information Minister Gokul Baskota has reportedly cancelled a 12 year old popular NTV Talk Show – ‘Sidha Prashna’. Why? Good question. In an appearance earlier, Gokul Baskota... Read more »

‘FIFA World Cup’ – Interesting Facts

FIFA World Cup is almost here – it is the world’s most watched sporting event! Aawaaj brings to you a few interesting facts about the world cup and the host nation. Aawaaj... Read more »

Tourism Ministry unveils Visit Nepal 2020’s logo

The Tourism Ministry has unveiled the logo for ‘Visit Nepal 2020’, with a tagline ‘Lifetime Experiences’. Visit Nepal 2020 targets the government’s ambitious plan to bring in 20 million tourists in the... Read more »

What is up with the increasing fuel prices? (With Video)

Fuel Prices are rising at an alarming rate. Within 2018 itself, the price of petrol has gone from NRS 102 to NRS 113 per litre – an 11 Rs hike. The last time... Read more »

Bal Krishna Dhungel: From arrest to pardon, learn the full story (With Informational Video)

On the day Nepal observed its eleventh year as a Republic nation, President Bidhya Bhandari granted amnesty to 817 criminals serving jail sentences in various parts of the nation. Now, we do... Read more »

450 Nepalis amongst the 1200 suffering in Qatar following non-payment of wages

Approximately 1200 workers have been stranded after HKH Contracting Co., one of Qatar’s biggest construction companies whose ownership can be traced to the ruling family of Qatar decided not to pay their... Read more »

Iran Deal: What is it, and why won’t Trump sign it?

The May 12 deadline for Trump to sign the ‘secondary waivers’ of the Iran Deal is fast approaching. Trump has been calling the ‘Iran Deal’ a huge failure and that Iran has... Read more »