A Reuters image showing an Indian voter getting inked.

Visions and Distortions: Pre-poll analysis of the 17th Lok Sabha Elections of India

It is all about leadership and vision. The government has access to power, in that rest the hopes and aspirations of the people who have faith in the social contract. The ability... Read more »

Modi’s pre-election handouts to cost India billions

A series of vote-catching measures planned by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he braces for a difficult general election may cost more than 1 trillion rupees ($14 billion), two sources with... Read more »
Hindu activists demolishing the Babri mosque (Image: Douglas E. Curran/AFP)

Ayodhya: Ram, Allah and the Politicians

As the 2019 Indian elections loom, the case of Ram Mandir (Temple) is back on the agendas of the politicians – again. Today, some 100,000 Hindus are gathered at Ayodhya, and are... Read more »

Allahabad becomes Prayagraj

Remember Akbar? Yes, the Mughal ruler of the 16th century? Yes, he had named the town Ilahabad. His grandson changed it to Allahabad, and in 2018, CM Yoginath changed it to ‘Prayagraj’.... Read more »

Nepal Students Union protest over Indian lawmaker

Nepal Students Union (NSU) has orgainsed a protest program on Tuesday to protest the remark made by Kirti Azad, the lawmaker from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).   A team led by... Read more »