China pledges RMB 150 million (NRS 2.4 billion) military assistance to Nepal Army

The Chinese government has agreed to provide RMB 150 million (NRS 2.4 billion) military assistance to Nepal Army. The ‘assistance’ which is to be provided over three years will be utilised towards... Read more »

#Xiplomacy: 56 billion rupees in less than 24 hours

Visiting President of People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping in a state dinner announced a ‘support’ of 3.5 billion RMB (more than NRS 56 billion) for ‘uplifting the living standard of the... Read more »

Hong Kong pro-democracy activist appeals against sentence as more protests loom

(Reuters) – A Hong Kong pro-democracy activist jailed for six years for rioting in 2016 appeared in court on Wednesday to appeal against his sentence, as anti-government protests showed no signs of... Read more »
Left: Press Release, Right: Reuters/Jorge Silva

Two Nepalis amongst hundreds arrested in Hong Kong, city imposes ’emergency powers’

Hong Kong police have detained two Nepalis for allegedly ‘protesting’ against the nation. They have been identified as Jenny Rai and Rosemary Limbu (both students) and have been arrested since 1st October,... Read more »

China observes 70 years of Communism, meanwhile Hong Kong continues protests

China has marked its 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic and celebrated the day with a military parade showcasing the country’s technology, signifying its rise to global superpower. While... Read more »

Hong Kong protesters to rally after another night of violence

Following another night of violent clashes with Hong Kong Police, Hong Kong protesters are preparing to join a global “anti-totalitarian” rally on Sunday. Police used pepper sprays to break protesters in the... Read more »

A hospital in Manang, 5,000 emergency shelters, and an oil pipeline – a great week for Nepal

Can you believe we were amidst meetings with a visiting dignitary from the north, signing agreements which basically said they would give money to help us build a hospital in Manang, more... Read more »

Chinese President Xi Jinping ‘expected’ to visit Nepal in October

Preparations have been initiated in the country after the news of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s ‘possible’ visit to Nepal in October is being speculated. According to Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s press... Read more »

China gives Nepal privilege – allows Nepal Airlines to fly to its cities without safety audit

Civil Aviation Authority of China has given a ‘special privilege’ to Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) wherein they can conduct direct flights to Chinese cities without conducting safety audit – safety audit is... Read more »
Left: A Chinese military convoy moves towards HK border (Screengrab); Right: A pro-democracy protester waves a US national flag in Tsim Sha Tsui district | AFP

Chinese Tanks & American Flags

The world is watching Hong Kong – what had started as a protest against one particular bill has now widened to highlight several other grievances – the autonomy of the people of... Read more »