Hong Kong continues to protest; to take their democracy message to U.S. Consulate

Hong Kong Police have fired tear gas at anti-government protesters for a second night. The decision was taken in order to refrain them from accessing the airport as the unrest continues towards... Read more »

The Maduro family is not someone Nepal should be associating with

Maduro’s son and team are in Nepal – strengthening and bonding with top leaders of the ruling party.  However Maduro and family is not someone Nepal’s people should want Nepal to associate... Read more »

Government receives loan based on needs and priorities-PM Oli

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said Nepal would receive a foreign loan based on the country needs and priorities. In an interview to Mathew Amliwala for BBC World, PM Oli clarified... Read more »
The figure in this image, known only as "tank man," became a symbol of resistance. REUTERS/Arthur Tsang/Files

Every Nepali should know about the 1989 Tiananmen Square incident

30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square incident evokes different memories in me. To a large extent, the learning of the incident, and the resulting learning of the oppression of the Chinese regime... Read more »

Hey ‘Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal’ – what is up with the increasing police brutality?

What is up with the increased ‘police brutality?’Is it really necessary? Hundreds of Kanchanpur residents have come up to us saying ‘police charged sticks, fired tear gas and rubber bullets unnecessarily’. Four... Read more »