Dengue Epidemic: Health Minister downplays ‘national emergency’

The government has denied the request made by lawmakers to address the dengue epidemic as a ‘National emergency’, saying the situation is not serious enough to ‘worry about’ and is under control.... Read more »

Dengue reaches 56 districts, lawmakers demand declaration of National Emergency

The Dengue Epidemic since its first 2019 incident in Sunsari, has spread to at least 56 districts across the nation, sparking lawmakers to call the epidemic a national emergency. Spreading mostly along... Read more »

Dengue on the rise

Nepal has been posting a previously unseen number of dengue cases. Starting from a few cases in Dharan, Sunsari this year, the outbreak has spread nationwide in a considerable number – to... Read more »
Global Dengue Risk in 2013 (Image: Jane Messina/UCANR)

Dengue on the rise (in Nepal, and worldwide). Blame ‘migration’ and ‘climate change’

Dengue is on the rise – in Nepal, and across the globe, at an earlier un-witnessed rate. First recorded dengue in the 1950s during dengue epidemics in the Philippines and Thailand, by 2010,... Read more »

Dengue epidemic spreads to Jhapa and Morang

Dengue is found to be spreading into Morang and Jhapa districts after Dharan Dengue epidemic where a large number of patients have been found to be infected with the disease in the... Read more »

‘Search and destroy campaign’ to tackle dengue in Dharan

Agencies concerned under the Ministry of Health and Population have decided to start a ‘search and destroy campaign’ in Dharan Sub Metropolitan City-15 in order to contain a dengue epidemic following a... Read more »