Agitating doctors rest their strike for fortnight after ‘govt guarantees’

The distraught government doctors have decided to rest their agitating strike for a fortnight as the government assured them to address most of their demands. In an informal meeting held on Saturday... Read more »

NMA pressurizes the govt to address doctors’ demands within 72 hours

Nepal Medical Association (NMA) has given 72 hours ultimatum to  pressure the government to address the demands of agitating doctors working in the state-run hospitals across the country through a talk. NMA,... Read more »

Thousands affected due to the govt doctors’ indefinite protest

The ongoing protest of the Government Doctors Association of Nepal (GODAN) against the Civil Servant Adjustment Bill has left many people in difficulty and confusion across the nation. The doctors have been... Read more »

Health Minister urges agitating doctors to go to assigned stations

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health and Population Upendra Yadav has called on government doctors to go the assigned working stations. In his call to the government doctors agitating against the... Read more »

GODAN halts all medical services across the nation from today

Government Doctors Association of Nepal (GODAN) have boycotted all medical services –except for emergency cases- in state run health institutes, thereby resuming their prolonged protests. Upon the failure of the government to... Read more »

GODAN halts services across the country except emergency from today

The Government Doctors Association of Nepal (GODAN) has halted all medical services except emergency services throughout the nation from today. They had warned of the strike earlier – on Sunday with a... Read more »

72 hours to address our demands: GODAN

The Government Doctors Association of Nepal (GODAN) have given an ultimatum of 72 hours to the government to address their demand by issuing a five-point ultimatum on Sunday. The doctors have warned... Read more »

GODAN to intensify protest by boycotting work and resigning in mass

The Agitating government doctors who have been protesting against the adjustment of government doctors as per Civil Service Ordinance, announced on Sunday to intensify the protest by boycotting the work and resigning... Read more »

Police disrupt government doctors’ protest: 25 arrested, 3 injured

25 doctors were arrested and three injured after police disrupted a sit-in protest organized by agitating government doctors at the Ministry of Health and Population on Sunday. The doctors were staging the... Read more »