Apparently visa reviews are possible – Sandeep Lamichhane granted a US visa

Early morning today, national cricketer, Sandeep Lamichhane walked into the US Embassy in Maharajgunj – deep within he knew his visa application should not be denied. Yet, somehow it did. Shocked, he... Read more »

Honorary Consuls General/Consuls of Nepal program in Kathmandu to bolster ties with other nations

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), Nepal, has organized for the first time a two-day honorary consuls general/consuls summit in Kathmandu, aiming at bolstering ties with other nations around the world and... Read more »

Nepal deports US citizen of Tibetan origin after China labels him Dalai Lama’s agent

China First – Immigration officers on Saturday refused to allow Penpa Tsering enter the country despite him holding a valid visa to Nepal – Mr.Tsering is 53 years old, he is a... Read more »