Image: An image of Ranipauwa with the Himalayas in the background.

Muktinath Temple premises to be bettered – disability access a priority

Gandaki Pradesh (Pradesh no. 4) has said it will work towards building ‘visitor-friendly infrastructure’ in the Jomsom Mukti area of Mustang District. Muktinath Temple, which is visited by hundreds of thousands of... Read more »

Devotees to be barred from entering Muktinath for 20 hours

Devotees visiting Muktinath will be banned from entering the temple from 20 hours before the visit of Indian Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi. Indian PM Modi will first visit Janakpur on Friday... Read more »

Barahachettra Temple

The Barahachettra Temple which lies along the banks of Saptakoshi in Sunsari District. The temple is considered highly powerful and many devotees make a pilgrimage to the temple every year. There are... Read more »