L-R: Accuser/Victim Ms. Shahi, an employee of the Federal Parliament of Nepal, Mr. Mahara, ex-Speaker of the HoR, Mr. Shiwakoti, founder/editor of Hamra Kura

The Mahara Story: Accuser ‘retracts’ statement, journalist feels ‘threatened’, police to continue ‘investigation’

On Monday, a report by HamraKura.com, an online news portal based in Kathmandu broke a story which took the nation by a storm – the report alleged that then House Speaker Krishna... Read more »

Yes, Rajendra Mahato’s citizenship was stripped. No, Not the one you are thinking about

State media yesterday pulled out a list of eight people whose Nepali citizenship status was revoked. Their names were, Rajendra Mahato, Ashok Shah, Binde Mahato, Danadevi Mahato, Sushil Mahato, Rajeshwor Mahato, Rajeshwor... Read more »

A report to ease tensions between Biplav and govt endorsed

A report prepared by a Parliamentary Political Dialogue committee as a resolution to Chanda-led Biplav party’s ongoing vandalism, general strikes across the nation for few years has been passed by the government.... Read more »

Sajha Yatayat to get 300 electric buses

Nepal government has transferred Rs 3 billion to the Sajha Yatayat account as its investment towards buying a new set of electric buses. The amount was allocated in the new budget, which... Read more »
Left: Minister for Land Management, Cooperatives, and Poverty Alleviation, R: Protesters protesting the Guthi Bill (Reporters' Club)

Government to withdraw Guthi Bill

“The government will withdraw the Guthi Bill”, Padma Kumari Aryal, Minister for Land Management, Cooperatives, and Poverty Alleviation said in a press meet today. The Guthi Bill, which was tabled in the... Read more »

Nepal under international scrutiny after Everest climb death toll reaches 10

Nepal has come under heavy scrutiny after the death toll on the world’s highest peak reached 10 this climbing season alone. The reason for their death is attributed to the heavy waiting... Read more »

FNJ calls for upholding press freedom

Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) has urged the government not to arrest journalists and hamper their work at the work place. FNJ, the umbrella organisation of journalists across the country, complained that... Read more »

80 percent progress in bridge construction

The government has set a target of completing the constructions of 120 bridges in the current fiscal year. Until the past eight and half months, 80 percent progress has been achieved as... Read more »

Government team in Barekot after 51 years

The government has reached out to geographically challenging and remote Barekot rural municipality after literally 51 years. The District Administration Office recently set up an integrated mobile camp in the village to... Read more »

Govt mulls over banning free Wi-Fi in public place

Nepal Telecom Authority sets out a new policy on security provision of using the free Wi-Fi network in public place as the government is mulling over banning on password-free Wi-Fi in public... Read more »